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Seminar Description - Shaun the Bartender : Shaun the Bartender

Seminar Description

Name of Seminar: The True Fundamentals of Bartending

Time:  Eight Hours

About:  This is a class like no other being taught in the bar industry today.  The primary focus of this class will be to enhance your interaction with each customer, so you can make more tips and attract a stronger clientele.  Along with the basics of what you need to know to do your job properly behind the bar, we will concentrate on the three phases of the customer interaction and learn what it takes to build a customer base for your bar.

This class is to give each student a clear perspective of what it takes to be successful in the occupation of bartending.  It views several components that will give existing and aspiring bartenders an understanding that it takes much more than learning what goes in a drink and flipping bottles.

Class Agenda:

I.  Introduction to class.

II.  The Human Factor in Customer Service

III.  The Three Phases of Customer Awareness.

1.  Perception

2.  Actual Experience

3.  Aftermath

IV.   The Basic Principles of Bartending

1.  Proper measures for drinks.

2.  Etiquette of Serving the Customer.

3.  Keep your Co-Workers Happy.

4.  Knowing your Common Drinks.

5.  Be a Host to All.

6.  Tools of the Trade.

V.  The Ten Rules that Make a Great Bartender.

1.  Be a Professional

2.  Be in Charge

3.  Be a Good Listener

4.  Everyone is your Buddy.

5.  Pour a Good Drink.

6.  Know your Customers’ Drinks.

7.  Promote Your Establishment.

8.  Know Your Competition.

9.  Be an Entertainer.

10.  Be Ethical and Responsible.

VI.  Five Things to Steer Away From as a Bartender.

1.  Drinking while you Work.

2.  Relationships with Co-Workers.

3.  Personal Business at Work.

4.  Stealing from your Establishment.

5.  Complaining in Front of the Customer.

Along with the text for the class, each student will receive a copy of “Extra Dry, with a Twist:  An Insider’s Guide to Bartending” by Shaun Daugherty.  Each student will also receive a practice bottle and jigger to practice shot pouring.

Hand outs for common drinks, bar terms, and some others should be expected.  If time permits, personalities of customers will be talked about.

We will have an eight city rotation that we will complete in a ten week time frame.  Every 11th week, we will be back in the same city again.  Class 3 in every city is a Monday – Thursday, two-hour per night class.  Classes 1,2, and 4 are all day class that begin at 9am and end at 5pm.   Choose only one class that best fits your time.

The class is meant to be interactive.  Though time will be short, training will be enhanced via Newsletters and our website, shaunthebartender.com, with video how-tos and the on-going growth of a bartender library.  This site will be free and available to all that take the class.  A job placement service will also eventually be available.  The website, shaunthebartender.com, will be an online tool that will eventually give you everything you need to expand your knowledge in all facets of the bar industry.  Plans to have the training portion up and running will be some time in the first quarter of 2010.  Though this will be a valuable tool as you move forward, the class portion of the training is the most important and the most fundamental.  It will assist you on giving you everything you need to be successful in the occupation of bartending.

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