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Drink of the Day: Flaming Dr Pepper - Shaun the Bartender : Shaun the Bartender

Drink of the Day: Flaming Dr Pepper

January 28, 2015 | By |

Happy Hump Day!  If we were to look at the week as a voyage, we are halfway there.

I am usually one of those who is watching ESPN and getting my game on the week prior to the Super Bowl.  But, quite honestly, the “Deflationgate” has got me turned off.  Talk about dumbing up America.  We get it already!  You believe that there was some foul play done with the footballs and that the Patriots were fully aware of this.  Let’s move on to something else, shall we.  ESPN has become a joke with it’s political views and opinionated out-reaches on various matters.  Stick to the reason we true sports fans watch, please; just show us the games and allow us to make our own opinions by giving us the story only once and not again until there is something of importance to tell us when getting new facts.  I am not a fan of either team, but do enjoy watching good games.  What I can’t stand is the soap opera that these cable sports channels feel sell the game.  Guess what?  Just give us the game; I beg you!!!

Okay, enough of my banter.  Let’s get down to why I write this blog in the first place.

Instead of just a cocktail today, I wanted to give you the recipe for the most common beer-drop shooter that is out there today.  This would be a nice halftime treat during the game this coming Sunday.  Just be aware of a couple things while enjoying this beverage.

1.  This is a two-in-one shooter.  Not only are you drinking this fast – you are also consuming two alcoholic beverages at the same time.  One of these shooters will put you in the right frame of mind.  Two may put you out of your mind.  Doing this with friends is a nice break from the norm.  Just keep it responsible.

2.  Do not enjoy this beverage if you are already three sheets to the wind, or your host may find themselves doing some necessary clean-up and may miss some of the game.  You don’t want to black out and miss out on some good memories yourself.

Enjoy your hump day folks and enjoy this shooter.  This has become the most popular video I have on my Youtube channel.  A very easy-to-make party favorite I know you will enjoy.  Cheers!flaming_dr_pepper


Flaming Dr Pepper 

3/4 oz. – 1 oz. Amaretto

1/4 oz. 151 Rum

Half a Pint of Beer (your choice!)


Method:  In a pint glass, pour your beer selection into the glass, filling it no more than half way.  Set the pint glass off to the side.  In a shot glass, pour in the amaretto first, then top off with 151 rum.  Take a lighter or match and ignite the 151 rum that’s floating in the shot glass.  With your thumb and index finger, take the ignited shot and drop it into the beer.  Guzzle down the drink, making sure to keep aware of the shot glass that will quickly come up.   Be careful not to chip a tooth.


This Day in History:

1547 – King Henry VIII died and his nine year-old son, Edward VI assumed the throne.

1915 – US Congress passed legislation creating the US Coast Guard.

1986 – The US Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 72 seconds after lift-off, killing all seven on board.

1999 – The creation of Element 114 is announced by scientists.


Notable Birthday:

Explorer, Sir Henry Morton Stanley, was born on this date in 1841.

Notable Quote:

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential….these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”  –  Confucius





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